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Use Sweepstakes to Increase Website Traffic

You have a limited budget, minimal or no advertising, and can
only afford to run a marketing campaign twice a year. How
can you sustain consumer interest over a 26-week period?

Simple. Run an online Game with weekly prize drawings and
one Grand Prize Sweepstakes with the winner drawn randomly
at the end of the 26 week period. Populate the promotional
microsite with continuously updated content that engages
visitors. Tell visitors how they can come back the following
week to “try again” to win. Synch the weekly entries with
automatic entries into the drawing for the big, exciting
Grand Prize. And you’ll see people returning to the site over
and over again for half a year.

Not so simple. Executing a program like this. It takes real
expertise to help flesh out individual tactics, design and
copy to conform to the rules, requirements and legalities
inherent in all prize promotions.

This whitepaper will teach you the best practices of top
companies running online sweepstakes. Using these tips, your
online sweeps will generate greater traffic for your site. Learn
why hiring a promotion administrator can save you money.

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