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Top 10 Sweepstakes Tips

1. Offer prizes that appeal to the target
audience you are trying to reach.
2. Arrange prizes in a pyramid fashion so that you
have an attractive and motivating grand prize at the
top of the pyramid supported by multiple opportunities
to win at the base.
3. Make it easy for your consumer to respond, do not
make them search for the method of reply, tell them
early and often where it is.
4. Offer multiple ways to respond if possible, e.g.,
by mail, phone, online, in person, social media, etc.
5. Use sweepstakes to educate consumers or the
trade about your product or service by incorporating
programmed learning.
6. Award prizes instantly if you can afford to do so.
7. Build in enough lead time to create a legally sound
and response generating offer. Those that are rushed
can contain errors or not produce the results you seek.
8. Take advantage of turnkey co-op sweepstakes prize
structures or partner with other non-competitive
companies to barter prizes. All of these can result
in cost efficiency.
9. Register large sweepstakes in advance (those with
prizes over $5K in total value) with the states of
New York and Florida.
10. Use a well-respected sales promotion agency
with expertise in sweepstakes administration

for your back-end execution rather than trying
to do it on your own.
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