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Grow Your Sweepstakes with ViralPower

When it comes to marketing campaigns, it’s the old tried and
true “word of mouth” that remains the most powerful way
to influence someone else. In fact, in today’s complex,
cluttered and competitive marketing arena, word of mouth
recommendations are the #1 influencer of consumers – up
to 5 times more influential than advertising, email and SEM.

In a recent Forrester Survey, 83% of online consumers said they
are interested in sharing information with people they know,
and 94% said they trusted word of mouth recommendations.
Click-through-Rates are 30% higher when there’s an option for
an email recipient to share a message on social media sites like
Twitter or Facebook. Even better, an average “share” rate of 3.5
referrals per user is achieved when the message to be shared is
tied to a promotional chance to win.

Leveraging this propensity to “share” is critical to success in
today’s marketing arena. Which is why Ventura has partnered
with a software technology company that has developed a
proprietary “incentivized sharing” system. The system can
be deployed by marketers as a campaign engine to drive and
track viral sharing across prize promotions run on Facebook
and all other social networks, mobile and desktop apps, and
to also collect and capture deep data profiles, while providing
comprehensive metrics on all program participants who “shared”.

We call this amazing incentivized sharing system Ventura
ViralPower and we’d like to share its amazing strategic
capabilities with you.

Learn the top 10 reasons you should run a sweepstakes
on Facebook. Viral benefits abound, and this whitepaper
lists just a few of them. You’ll learn how a sweepstakes
on this social platform can increase ROI, CRM data, etc.

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