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Created to take advantage of the power of Facebook’s social
networking, Ventura’s ViralPower is a cost-efficient way to
maximize exposure for your promotion, exponentially increase the
number of sweepstakes registrants, and capture actionable data
that can inform your next program.

We take the basic information about your upcoming sweepstakes
program and deploy it on your Facebook page in a highly branded
and visually engaging social presentation. Consumers enter on
Facebook and are presented with the opportunity to invite friends
and earn more entries based on the number of invited friends who
respond. The ViralPower Platform keeps track of the invitations
and responses, awarding extra sweepstakes entries for every
invited friend who enters.

What you end up with is a turnkey Facebook Sweepstakes using
the ViralPower Platform that keeps track of the entries, sharing
and responses AND a final report that captures all kinds of data,
including number of entries, profile data of each entrant, public
profile information of the user of Facebook, the number of shares
per entrant, the number of shares that generate responses and
even more if Facebook Connect is used. The cost: Just $5,000
in addition to the cost of Ventura’s traditional Counsel,
Administration, and Fulfillment Services.

It’s turnkey. It’s inexpensive. And it’s designed to help you
maximize consumer involvement with your promotions, while
helping you to build a more robust database of engaged
consumers than ever before!

Facebook and Facebook Connect are trademarks owned by Facebook, Inc.

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