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Social Media & Mobile Marketing

true two way communication

Although it can be argued that WOM, IM’ing and texting have been
providing ways for people to stay in touch for years, the phenomenal
acceptance of social sites and applications such as Facebook,
YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram have opened the
doors for marketers to develop a true two-way communications
channel with consumers, and a way for those same consumers to
interact with friends and other like-minded individuals.*

By allowing consumers to share photos, videos, music and copy to
express themselves, social media has enabled marketers to tap into
a virtually unlimited creative resource for future advertising, PR and
marketing campaigns through the use of User Generated Content.
However, this content carries certain challenges, especially in the
area of copyright protection and Intellectual Property issues.
Ventura carefully guides clients through the process of designing
the campaign, identifying potential winners and obtaining
appropriate releases, thus mitigating the risks
associated with this type of promotion.

With mobile phones reaching record numbers, marketers face a
lower barrier for entry into this particular two-way communication
channel. Text messaging or short message service (SMS)
promotions continue to attract large numbers of users, especially
among the younger demographic, allowing sweepstakes entries
or voting for a favorite song, artist or television episode. It’s even
possible to provide nearly instantaneous results for the sponsor,
who can share the results with its audience.

Ventura has developed successful promotions across all of these
social media and mobile platforms that connect with consumers,
raise awareness and, above all, engage. The viral nature of these
campaigns speaks directly to a need to share experiences, develop
relationships and stay involved—and it could be with your brand!
Ventura stays on top of all of the trends, and can help you navigate
through what has been called the “wild wild west” of the ever-
changing social media and mobile marketing landscape.

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